Inaccessible? Or, what is rhythm? Texture?

Could broken structure generate tension? What is a cuica? Were Arto Lindsay's parents missionaries? Where? At what age did he first hear rock and roll? Can he tune guitar?

A broken structure could generate tension. A cuica is a Brazilian friction drum, why? Yes. In Brazil. At 20, a Velvets record. No.

For three years, DNA has played the no wave circuit. What is that? What changed? Tim Wright of Pere Ubu replaces Robin Crutchfield: they got Clevland-bassed polyrhythms? Us? No-chord splat guitar's so common, is that strange?

Heckler-fan at CBGB Saturday: "Recombinant!"

What is pulse? Pressure? How is Ikue Ile's drumming rude? Rushed? Rustic?

Are texture and rhythm different scales? Is rhythm coarse texture? Is texture fine rhythm? How big is pattern? What is surprise? Why is a voice funny? Is pain funny? What is contour? If pulse is pressure, what's release? Is syncopation funny? Heard of peekaboo? Heard melodies are sweet, those unheard sweeter? Where do words end? What are ends? Polyrhythm as choice? Choice as pleasure?

"Hoo hoo ha ha"? "Gitouta here gofuckyourselfnah"? "I'm breaking position"? "Alibaba mapootdada naheena"? "Aaah


Village Voice, Dec. 3, 1980